Bead embroidered dichroic cuff


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Its wavy shape and its vibrant colors remind of the summer. And aren’t dichroic cabochons one of the coolest and most beautiful things you can use in a jewel? It is so shiny and vibrant that I have seen a lot of people stay in front of one of them looking at them for ages, as if was impossible to look away.

The name of the bracelet is “Blue waves cuff”.

It was done with a 25 X 18 cm dichroic cabochon done by me, an abalone cabochon, a glass cabochon, glass hearts, a glass leaf, a glass flower, embroidered with seed beads, facetted beads, jade beads and bugles twist, and mounted over a metal blank.

Finished with leather on the back.

Dimensions: 4.1 cm / 1.6 inches. Adjustable.


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