polymer clay hummingbird embroidered pendant

Hummingbird embroidered pendant

Beautiful cabochon done in polymer clay with fimo and swarovski cabochons, bead embroidered with seed beads. The back of the pendant is finished with red leather. Chain done with seed beads and swarovski pearls, finished with a gold tone metal toggle.

Dimensions: 5.6 cm / 2.2 inches. Cord: 50 cm / 19.5 inches.

59€ (shipping costs included)
kambaba jasper embroidered pendant

Kambaba jasper embroidered pendant

Beautiful rainforest or kambaba jasper cabochon, embroidered with jasper beads and seed beads, decorated with jasper beads, swarovski bicones and seed beads. Back finished with ultra suede. Chain done with jasper beads and seed beads, with a metal silver color toggle.

Dimensions: 8 cm / 3.1 inches. Chain: 49 cm / 19.1 in.

69€ (shipping costs included)
purple sediment jasper embroidered pendant

Sediment jasper embroidered pendant

Sea sediment jasper cabochon, bead embroidered with different sizes of seed beads, decorated with drop beads, finished with leather on the back and mounted with a satin cord with a silver color metal toggle.

Dimensions: 7 cm / 2.7 inches. Cord: 51 cm / 19.9 inches.

44€ (shipping costs included)
dichroic glass butterfly pendant

Dichroic glass butterfly pendant

Beautiful dichroic glass cabochon with a butterfly decal fussed on the top, mounted on a gold tone bail, with a leather cord finished with a gold color toggle.

Dimensions: 4.5 cm / 1.7 inches. Cord: 47 cm / 18.5 inches.

24€ (shipping costs included)
delicas reversible pendant

Delicas reversible pendant

Reversible triangle done in peyote and herringbone with delicas. Black rattail cord with a silver tone magnetic clasp.

Dimensions: 5.6 cm / 2.2 inches. Cord: 53 cm / 20.7 inches.

29€ (shipping costs included)