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The website Galeandra uses cookies, their own or third party, with the finality of improving the services provided or its functioning, as well as optimice the user's experience. Because of this we understand that, if you continue navigating and don't deactivate the cookies, you agree with the use of them.

The objective of this Policy is to help you understand the use Galeandra makes of the cookies, the purpose of the cookies used, as well as the options you have to manage them.


Cookies are files downloeaded to the users pc with the purppose to collect data, which are essential to the correct functioning of the websites and apps, providing benefits to the user, facilitating the navigation and usability of them and they could be updated and recovered for the responsibles of their installation.

Cookies could only be read by the service or applcation that has issued them and in no case they are executable files, nor can they propagate or contain viruses. The cookies used don't collect personal data from the users (name, address, etc). The information obtained with the cookie service used by Galeandra is purely statistical and totally anonymous.

For more info you can consult the Privacy Center of the analytic tool:

Google Analytics

The information that the cookie generates about your use of the website will be transmitted and stored directly by Google. If you want to deny permission for the statistical treatment of the data or the information with Google Analytics, you can deactivate this service without problems. For this, click in this link.


  • Own cookies: Those cookies strictly necessaries that are sent to the user's pc from a pc or a domain managed by Galeandraand from where we deliver the service requested by the user, and that allow the navigation throught the web and allow the different options present in it.

  • Third party cookies: Those cookies sent to the user's pc from a pc or domain managed not by us, but a third party that treats the data obtained from the cookies. terminal del usuario desde un equipo o dominio gestionado o no por nosotros, siendo un tercero el que trata los datos obtenidos a través de las cookies. The analytical ones stand out, that allow the following and analysis of the behaviour of the users in the websites they are linked to. The information collected with this type of cookies it is used to measure the activity of the websites, apps or platforms to elaborate navigation profiles of the users of these sites, with the purpose of making improvements depending on the analysis of the data of the use that the user's are making of the services.


You can disable the use of cookies when you consider it through the configuration options of your internet browser, so you can block, restrick, disable or erase the acceptance of cookies. However, we remind you that, in the case that you decide to change the cookies' configuartion, the service we provide from the website could be affected partially or totally.

We provide you the links to the support of the main internet browsers, where you could change the cookies' configuration:

For more info about cookies, you can see the Guide about the use of the cookies of the Spanish Data Protection Agency (PDF, 630 KB).

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