How to make your superduos earrings last longer

Hi again!

Superduos are amazing and beautiful beads, that come in a lot of different and wonderful colors.

The problem is that a lot of these colors aren’t long-lasting. Some of them fade over time. Others will get scratched easily. And with others, the color will peel off.

It is quite annoying, frankly, after spending so many hours creating a pair of earrings, to see how after some time (sometimes too little time) your earrings look awful and you have to throw them away.

So what’s the solution? When I first started to notice this problem, I began varnishing my earrings. So when I create a pair of earrings, I varnish them on the front and the back, a couple of times, with a special jewelry varnish or a transparent nail polish.

Be careful when applying the varnish to have the brush quite drained, so it won’t drip into the earring and spoil it, and also so the coating won’t be too thick and won’t be noticeable.

I keep an eye on them and I would varnish them again after some months, when I think that the varnish has wear off a little bit. And I keep doing it to preserve them in top condition.

Plus, to avoid scratches, I try to storage them with care, not to put a lot of them crowded in the same space, and when travelling, I storage them in organza bags so they will be more protected.

So, what are your ways of taking care of your superduos earrings to make them last longer?

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