Bead embroidered jewelry

Bead embroidered shibori teal bracelet

Hi there!

I love teal more than any other color, so when I saw this shibori silk in this color, it was a no brainer that I was going to buy it and create something for myself. Plus, it goes so great with this beautiful ab crystal rivoli color, that has became my favourite. I just wanted something quite simple, because lets face it, it’s a shame to cover too much of the shibori silk while creating something, what’s the point on using shibori if you won’t be able to see it in the final piece?

What I love about shibori, apart from the colors, the texture and the shine, is that the final pieces are light, compared to when I bead embroider another type of piece, because when you cover a bracelet totally with glass, rivolis, seed beads, etc, that is quite heavy, so unless it is snug fitted, it will keep turning in your wrist, which can be annoying. When you use shibori, you don’t feel like you’re wearing it, it doesn’t bother in the wrist and it doesn’t turn that much, and if it turns, you don’t feel it turning so it is a much nicer experience, in my opinion. And it is really an advantage when you create earrings, they are so light, because earrings aren’t usually that heavy, but when you use superduos, swarovski and rivolis, if the earring is big, it can be quite heavy, so it isn’t that comfortable to wear them for long hours, but with shibori, they can be pretty big but really light. That’s great because it won’t contribute to strecht the hole in the ear, which, let’s face it, is a problem women have the older we get, and it isn’t very aesthetic.

So I guess you can say shibori is beautiful and healthy.

Have a wonderful day!

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