Bead embroidered jewelry

Bead Embroidered Leaf Brooch


How nice is it to have a jewelry different that makes you feel special and gets you lot of compliments?

I don’t know about you, but for me it is difficult to come up all the time with presents for my loved ones. This Christmas I was at a total loss trying to decide what to give my grandmother as a present. After so many years creating jewelry, I have created a lot for my grandmother and my mother, but my mother always want new and extravagant earrings and pendants, while my grandmother is more on the conservative side. So I decided to create a brooch, and I wanted to make something that reminds of a leaf, so I picked up one of the wonderful ab crystals that I have and love, and came up with this brooch that she totally loves and that she has received a lot of compliments about. Of course I bought her some other things to give, after all, I love giving presents to the people I love, but this was the main present and the most successful. Ok, the calendar I made with my cat and dog’s photos, she loved that too, but who wouldn’t?

Have an amazing day!

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